A Look at Insurance Adjusters

What is an insurance adjuster and what do they do? It is a question many people ask, because they are unsure about the role US insurance adjusters play in the entire process of filing a claim and getting money from the insurance company. So what happens when you get an insurance contract? You will have an agreement that means the insurance company is going to cover your expenses or losses when a specific event occurs. For instance, if you have car insurance with collision coverage, it means they are going to cover the damage to your car from an accident, even if you caused the accident.

Let us say you get into an accident. You are fine, but your car is almost totaled. You speak with a mechanic and they let you know the best option you have is to get a new car. You will relay the information to the insurance company, and they will have to do their own checks. Here is where the claims adjuster comes into the picture. They are going to assess the claim from your side, along with getting information from anyone who may have seen your accident, and they will figure out whether your claim is authentic.

Not only do they look at the authenticity of the claim, but they have to assess the level of damage that was done to the vehicle. It can make the difference between how much money they are going to pay out, which is why the adjuster will take their time in figuring out the exact damage amounts. If they agree with your assessment, which is that you need a new car, they will go ahead and provide you with the funds as indicated by your policy. But if the adjuster does not agree, the company will give you their assessment of the situation.